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                Written & produced by Bert Painter and Allen Ponak

This 43-minute video features four stories where unions and management, though by no means perfect, have moved well beyond the collisions that bedevil so many others. The industries that these organizations come from are very different—pulp & paper, federal public service, railways, and a medical lab.

    Based upon quotations from interviews conducted on-site with senior executives, managers, union leaders, and employees from these organizations, together with written documentation supplied by the worksites, the Research team from the University of Calgary has compiled case study reports as background to each of the four stories featured in this documentary.

    Individual case studies are accessible in PDF files by clicking on the links below:

    Calgary Laboratory Services and the Health Sciences Association of Alberta;

    Canadian Pacific Railway and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference; 

    Department of National Defence and Union of National Defence Employees; and,

    NorskeCanada and the Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union

    These case studies have been produced by Darcy Shenfield, under the supervision of Prof. Allen Ponak of the University of Calgary, Industrial Relations Research Group. All of these materials have been approved by their respective organizations, to support informed use of the documentary,
    "Beyond Collision". .