"Facilitation Skills"


In the planning of any organizational process that relies upon stakeholder participation, serious consideration should be given to the need for effective in-house facilitation. Effective facilitation can also be a means to achieve maximum value from the on-going prevalent, costly (in person-hours), and necessary use of "meetings, bloody meetings". Participants in this workshop learn how to manage a "pathway" through the real dynamics of group decision-making. Participants have used these skills to expedite change initiatives or enhance their value as resource persons in their own organizations.


                                   Workshop Title: "Facilitation Skills"

Brief Description: This highly participative (two-day) session provides an abundant set of tools, insights, and practical experience for support of effective group decision-making. Instruction builds upon over 30 years of Facilitation experience, and is combined with exercises for Practice and Observation of a wide variety of facilitation techniques. The skills learned are especially relevant for the involvement of people in participative work design.

Potential Participants: 'Line' Decision-makers, Resource persons and Technical staff (all levels), and Educators/Professionals.


  • Why & What of Facilitation
  • Group Memory
  • Process Design & Start-Up
  • Facilitative Listening
  • Organizing Open Discussion
  • Consolidating & Prioritizing
  • Dealing with Difficult Dynamics
  • Brainstorming
  • Framework for Sustainable Agreement
  • Evaluation & Decision-Making
  • Closure

Learning Outcomes: (What will people walk away with?)

  • Reinforced Understanding of the Role, Functions, and Values of a Facilitator
  • Refreshed Competence and Self-Confidence in fundamental Facilitation Skills
  • Refinement of individual Facilitator Preparations & Plans for specific processes they facilitate.

Here is a sample of what Past Participants have said about this workshop…

· "I found it easy to participate in the learning environment created."

· "What a treat—2 solid days' training with NO Proxima! Yeah!"

· "The instructor constantly modeled professional facilitation."

· "The workshop leader was a great presenter and educator, with lots of experience."

· "I would highly recommend this course before starting any change process."