"High Integrity Labour Relations"
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The focus of this workshop is the development of the Relationship between two distinct parties, as an active element within their overall "system" of labour relations.
Relationship is a key element that is within the control/influence of both parties.


This workshop has been held both as a public offering, and as an in-company seminar and
      very useful foundation to improve a specific Management-Union

        Workshop Title: "High Integrity Labour Relations"

Brief Description: This (one-day) workshop focuses on how employers and employee representatives can build relationships based on high levels of trust, communication, values and commitment, while advancing their own interests. Using current examples, practices applicable across different organizations are illustrated and discussed.

Potential Participants: Managers (all levels), Human Resource staff, Union officials and representatives (all levels), and Neutrals.

                      (For more information, go to:- "Beyond Collision" Resource Guide )


  • The "Systems" Context for Labour Relations
  • Characteristics of a "Good" Labour-Management Relationship
  • Review of Four Case Studies of innovative Labour Relations (in the private and public sector)
  • Identification of Key Practices and Key Principles
  • Skills to Implement & Sustain a new Labour-Management Relationship
  • Contextual Factors to Transform & Sustain Relationships
  • Framework for Labour-Management Development
  • Individual Reflection on a Labour Relations Challenge or Opportunity

Learning Outcomes: (What will people walk away with?)

  • Understanding of Key Principles in support of High Integrity Labour Relations
  • Reflection on Possible Application(s) to one's Own Work Setting

Here is a sample of what Past Participants have said about this workshop…

· "Great materials--diversity in presentation methods (video, slides, discussions, etc.)."

· "A good team-building exercise with opportunity to discuss & develop relationships."

· " Excellent case studies!--A great practical look into high integrity labour relations."

· "Very knowledgeable presenter with a nice mix of lecture/video/group work."

· "Many useful tips and techniques for developing labour-management relations."

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