"The Quality Workplace"
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High Performance/High Integrity Workplaces

are based upon development in the Quality of 3 Relationships
that are experienced by each Person in a work organization:

  i)     the relationship between each Person (P) and their Employer (E);
  ii)    the relationship between each Person (P) and other People (P) at work; and,
  iii)   the relationship between each
Person (P) and their Role (R)
            or 'job' in the work of the organization.


These 3 relationships are also inter-dependent. This is a reflection of the reality that any given work organization functions as a "socio-technical system" (STS). All forms of work organization depend upon two inter-related parts—the 'technical' – the software and/or hardware performing operations on things or information – and the 'social' – how people interact and work with this technology to yield a product or service.

Socio-Technical System (STS) Design

focuses upon development of key practices in which the 'social' and 'technical' parts -- and thereby, the needs of people, the technology and the business of the organization -
 are "jointly optimized".


key practices are, together, the 'building blocks' of a Quality Workplace that
achieves High Performance with High Integrity.

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Workshop Title: "The Quality Workplace"

Brief Description: This workshop develops an understanding of work organization as a
"socio-technical system", together with an appreciation of the principles embedded in
each key practice through which a Quality Workplace is built. The workshop can be
delivered in a variety of formats -- as a one-day overview of the 'system' of key practices
-- or (more frequently)

as one or more six-hour session(s) examining a specific key practice (e.g. Responsible
Self-Management or Whole-Systems Teamwork) with experiential learning exercises or
actual application to address the situation and needs of one's own work setting

Potential Participants: Managers (all levels), Human Resources and Technical staff, Union officials, Employees (all levels), and Educators/Professionals.


  • Three Relationships to be "jointly optimized" for a Quality Workplace
  • Work Organization as a "Socio-Technical System"
  • A Learning Organization 'open' to continuous improvement
  • Responsible Self-Management
  • Whole Systems Teamwork
  • Technological Choice for People at the Center of New Technology
  • Participative Design of Work
  • Extraordinary Results for People & the Business

Learning Outcomes: (What will people walk away with?)

  • In-depth Understanding of Key Principles for the design of Quality Workplaces
  • Capability to Apply the selected Key Practice(s) in one's Own Work Setting

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