"Managing for Outstanding Safety"


This workshop utilizes a model of safety management that was developed from detailed observation of organizations with consistent (year-over-year) outstanding safety performance. Many models of safety management are descriptive—this framework identifies key 'drivers' and their impacts upon the end-result of safety performance. In this workshop, the specifics of key factors are illustrated, and participants are involved in exploration of how the framework might be applied in their own workplace.


Adapted from:- Stewart, J. M., 2002. Managing for World Class Safety, New York, John Wiley & Sons.

Workshop Title: "Managing for Outstanding Safety"

Brief Description: This (one-day) workshop focuses on how organizations can be designed to achieve outstanding safety results. The model of 'managing for outstanding safety' is based on research that has benchmarked the 'best' in safety worldwide. Participants learn 'intangible keys to success' and 'key drivers' that are in addition to comprehensive safety systems. The workshop presents a process for step-change, and reviews the experience of organizations that have successfully made this journey.

Potential Participants: Managers (all levels), Human Resources and Technical staff, Union officials,
                                                and Employees  (all levels)


  • What are the performance standards of "Outstanding Safety"
  • Model of "Managing for Outstanding Safety"
  • Identification of key "Drivers" and the "Foundation" for outstanding safety
  • Benchmark comparisons with organizations worldwide
  • Processes for Step-Change and continuous improvement
  • Detailed Review of Three Case Study experiences

Learning Outcomes: (What will people walk away with?)

  • Understanding of the Foundation and Key Drivers for Outstanding Safety
  • Reflection on Possible Application to one's Own Work Setting

               Here is a sample of what Past Participants have said about this workshop…
.  "Definitely an asset to have both management and employee reps participate."
. "Opportunities to discuss and reflect allowed us to plan for our own situation."
. "I have taken many training courses on safety—this workshop pulled it all together for me."
. "This is a program that can be used immediately."
. "I echo many of my fellow employees in having confidence we can now make a breakthrough."