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    The  Social Engagement of Social Science
Volume I, The  Socio-Psychological Perspective




Eric Trist  and Hugh Murray
Historical  Overview: The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock  Institute

Introduction  to Volume1

A New Social Psychiatry: A World War II  Legacy


Hugh Murray
The Transformation of Selection  Procedures: The War Office Selection Boards

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Harold  Bridger
The Discovery of the Therapeutic Community: The Northfield  Experiments

A. T. M.  Wilson, Eric Trist and Adam Curle
Transitional Communities and  Social Reconnection: The Civil Resettlement of British Prisoners of  War

Varieties of Group Process

J.D.  Sutherland
Bion Revisited: Group Dynamics and Group  Psychotherapy

Eléonore  Herbert and Eric Trist
An Educational Model for Group Dynamics: The  Phenomenon of an Absent Leader

Eric J.  Miller
Experiential Learning in Groups I: The Development of the  Leicester Model

Eric J.  Miller
Experiential Learning in Groups II: Recent Developments in  Dissemination and Application

Gurth Higgin  and Harold Bridger
The Psycho-Dynamics of an Inter-Group  Experience


Harold  Bridger
Courses and Working  Conferences as Transitional Learning Institutions


Gurth Higgin  and Gunnar Hjelholt
Action Research in Minisocieties

Eric J.  Miller and A. K. Rice
Task and Sentient Systems and Their Boundary  Controls


A.K.  Rice
Individual, Group and Inter-Group Processes

New  Paths in Family Studies


John Bowlby
The Study and  Reduction of Group Tensions in the Family

Douglas  Woodhouse
Non-Medical Marital Therapy: The Growth of the Institute  of Marital Studies

Elizabeth  Bott Spillius
Conjugal Roles and Social Networks

Rhona  Rapoport and Robert N. Rapoport
Dual-Career Families: The Evolution  of a Concept

The Dynamics of Organizational  Change


Elliott Jaques
Working-Through Industrial  Conflict: The Service Department at the Glacier Metal  Company


A.K.  Rice
The Use of Unrecognized Cultural Mechanisms in an Expanding  Machine Shop: With a Contribution to the Theory of  Leadership


Elliott  Jaques
On the Dynamics of Social Structure: A Contribution to the  Psychoanalytical Study of Social Phenomena Deriving from the Views of  Melanie Klein

Isabel  Menzies Lyth
Social Systems as a Defense Against Anxiety: An  Empirical Study of the Nursing Service of a General Hospital

Isabel  Menzies Lyth
A Psychoanalytical  Perspective on Social Institutions

Eric Trist,  Gurth Higgin, Hugh Murray and Alexander Pollock
The Assumption of  Ordinariness as a Denial Mechanism: Innovation and Conflict in a Coal  Mine


John Hill  and Eric Trist
Temporary Withdrawal from Work Under Full  Employment: The Formation of an Absence Culture


Fred  Emery
Freedom and Justice Within Walls: The Bristol Prison  Experiment
and an Australian Sequel

The Unconscious in  Culture and Society


Eric  Trist
Culture as a Psycho-Social Process


D. W.  Winnicott
Thoughts on the Meaning of the Word  Dcmocracy

Henry  Dicks
Notes on the Russian National Character

Fred  Emery
Latent Content of Television Viewing


Elizabeth  Bott Spillius
Asylum and Society