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"Union-Management  Relationship-Building: A Primer"
-Within  the context of a labor relations systems model, a review of  the main processes used to (re)build union-mamagement  relationships.
(See the
DVD Video:
Transforming Labour Relations )
by Bert Painter, 1996,

"A Comprehensive Model for Understanding and Implementing
 Workplace Change and Improving Labor-Management Relations"

- Valuable analysis that can help sustain work innovation, by integrating labor-management relations strategies and organizational development
 by Mark Alexander, 1998,

Mutual Gains: A  Guide to Union-Management Cooperation
- Techniques  available to unions and management that range from strategic  scanning to environmental committees
by Cynthia Burton  and Edward Cohen-Rosenthal, 1993;
ILR Press, Cornell  University, Ithaca, NY.

Unions, Management, and  Quality:
               Opportunities for Innovation and Excellence
- Historical perspective of unions' role in the quality  movement, with insightful lessons and numerous contemporary  case-study examples
by Edward Cohen-Rosenthal,  1995;
Co-published with the Association for Quality and  Participation.

The High Performance Paradigm's Implications for Industrial Relations as a Field
- Critique of the literature on high performance work; criteria like industrial democracy to be used in addition to measures of firm performance in evaluating the new paradigm
by John Godard and John Delaney,
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 53, April 2000.

On the Paradigm Guiding Industrial Relations Theory and Research
- Identifies the need to adapt the industrial relations paradigm for the future, recognizing the instability of the boundaries of the individual firm in strategic decision-making, and the increasingly important role of capital markets and public policy
by Thomas Kochan,
Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Vol. 53, July 2000.

The Mutual Gains Enterprise: Forging a Winning Partnership among Labor, Management, and  Government
- A comprehensive summary and insightful  analysis of the degree of workplace innovation taking place in  the United States
 by Tom Kochan and Paul  Osterman; 1994
Harvard Business School Press, Cambridge,  Mass.

Contract & Commitment: Employment Relations in the New Economy
- valuable case studies of how major restructuring has been conducted, mainly in the 1990's, and mainly in the traditional industrial relations system, by large Canadian employers (e.g. Bell Canada, CP Rail, GM, Petro-Canada) and strong unions (e.g. CEP, USWA, CAW, CUPW); with evidence that, where applied, 'high performance' practices have led to the most positive performance, and that effective workplace change depends, above all, on the social context--the culture, trust, and commitment to genuine innovation
ed. by Anil Verma
& Richard Chaykowski, 1999
IRC Press, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

Strategic  Negotiations: Theory of Change in Labor-Management  Relations
- In the competitveness era, three fundamental  strategies are being deployed to renegotiate the  social-industrial contract
by Richard Walton, Joel  Cutcher-Gershenfeld, and Robert McKersie, 1994
Harvard  Business School Press, Cambridge,  Mass.
" Establishing and Sustaining Effective Communications between Labour and Management"

- Report on the continuing and 'open dialogue' process in the relationship between SaskEnergy and the Communication, Energy & Paperworkers Union in Saskatchewan, Canada
by Tom Ryberg & Robert Haynes, Presentation, Vancouver, 2000.