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"Benefits of  Variable Pay within a High Performance Work  System"
- Case study of several forms of variable pay developed within a "system" of inter-connected and self-reinforcing elements of a total work environment
by Bert Painter, 1999,

Designing  Skill-Based Pay: Satisfying the Yearning for Earning by  Learning
- Comprehensive theory and tool-kit for design and implementation of pay for skill and knowledge in both office and factory settings
by Donald Barkman, 1993;
The Business Center, Knoxville,  TN.

Productivity Plus
- Peformance-based  pay and its various options are defined within a productivity management process for continous improvement
by John  Belcher, 1987;
American Productivity Center, Houston,  TX.

Paying For Productivity: A Look at the Evidence
- comprehensive summary and evaluation of the performance effects of Employee Ownership Plans, with the basic conclusion that the positive effects are greatest when combined with substantive, direct employee participation.
by Alan S. Blinder, ed., 1990
The Brookings Institution Washington, D.C
The Strategic Role of Gainsharing
- Analysis of 800 organizations suggests that gain-sharing plans are used to enhance employee participation, particularly in market-controlled employment relationships, typified by explicit, usually short employment tenures, but much less frequently in more "bureaucratic" organizations that rely upon career ladders for rewarding participation
by Robert Mandel and Michael Useem,
Journal of Labor Research, Volume 21, Spring 2000.