Changing Your Workplace:
Tools for Workers, Unions and Managers

Changing Your Workplace highlights a practical new approach to change--an approach that can benefit both your organization, and your fellow employees.

Changing Your Workplace is based on the experiences of managers and workers who have come up with solutions tailor-made to the needs oftheir own workplaces.

"The only workplace change tools on the market that have been developed with the direct input of labour as well as management--refreshingly practical."
Nancy Riche, Executive Vice President, Canadian Labour Congress and Labour Co-chair, Canadian Labour and Business Centre

". . . Unique and timely. . . I strongly recommend these tools. .They have become available at the very time workplaces are struggling to meet new challenges such as global competition."
Tim Reid, Past President, Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Past Business Co-chair, Canadian Labour and Business Centre.

'WORKCHANGE' Video Series

produced by TV Ontario, 1997. for the Canadian Labour & Business Centre,, (1-613-234-0505);
to order copies, contact International Telefilm, (1-800-561-4300).

Part One: 30 Minute Overview of workplace change

Four Canadian examples of successful jointly managed workplace change...
(New Brunswick) Lafarge Canada Inc. & Boilermakers Union,
(Saskatchewan) Saskatoon Chemicals Ltd. & CEP Union,
(Ontario) LOF Glass & Brick and Glassworkers Union,
(British Columbia) Weldwood of Canada & IWA-Canada...
illustrate what got labour and management interested in jointly ventured
change, what steps were actually taken, and what were the "bottom-line"
results for both parties.

Part Two:  Four 15-minute Video Training Segments

Management and Unions in key stages of successful workplace change,
The Need for Change, Getting Started, Making It Happen, The Bottom Line.

Additional Print Materials

A Guide to the Issues: an in-depth look at the process of workplace
change, based on concrete examples from Canadian workplaces and
personal insights from union representatives, managers and workers.

A Working Tool: a hands-on approach to help people in the workplace
work their  way through the process of change.

Available Separately: Case Studies in Workplace Change: an examination
of fifteen case studies., Research & Reports.