D  V  D        C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N
 International Film & Video Festival

  Beyond Collision ($225.00)
 (43 minutes)
This 43-minute video features FOUR STORIES where unions and management, though by no means perfect, have moved well beyond the collisions that bedevil so many others. The industries that these  organizations come from are very different—pulp & paper, federal public service, railways, and a medical lab.
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   Engineering For Commitment ($225.00)
 The power of "Socio-Technical Systems" (STS) design is illustrated through the work of Lou Davis, an engineer who, with his colleagues pioneered successful application of STS to the coordinated design of technology and work organization throughout the industrial world.
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  Responsible Self-Management ($225.00)
(56 minutes)
Two Stories of highly successful organizations where front-line employees self-manage their core work process, evolving new roles for everyone, including Supervisors & Managers
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  Whole Systems Teamwork  ($225.00)
(58 minutes)
Two most candid Stories of leadership and teamwork by office and manufacturing employees, whose experience clarifies the meaning, the challenges, and the extraordinary benefits of a total organizational commitment to teamwork and collaboration.
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   A Learning Organization  ($225.00)
(52 minutes)
Two Stories of an organization dedicated to continuous improvement through its people's continuous learning, supported by information, training, and reward systems in a total involvement workplace environment
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   Participative Work Design ($225.00)
(64 minutes)
Two challenging Stories of organizations that have applied similar and different approaches to involve all levels of the workforce and staff in new plant 'Greenfield' design and 'Brownfield' re-design of work, with very positive results.
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   Transforming Labour Relations ($225.00)
(54 minutes)
Two Stories of how unions and employers transformed their workplaces from an industrial relations "battleground", by working together in their own strategic interests, to achieve results and a sustained, new collaborative relationship.
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