Beyond  Collision

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     Written & Produced by Bert Painter and Allen Ponak.

The SILVER SCREEN Award Winner

                         2006 International Film and Video Festival, Los Angeles CA
         The World's Leading Competition for Business &Television Informational Productions

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      This 43-minute video features FOUR STORIES where unions and management, though by no means perfect, have moved well beyond the collisions that bedevil so many others. The industries that these  organizations come from are very different—pulp & paper, federal public service, railways, and a medical lab.

          The organizations include: -
Department of National Defence and Union of National Defence Employees; Calgary Laboratory Services and the Health Sciences Association of Alberta; Canadian Pacific Railway and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference; and, NorskeCanada and the Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union.                         


Chapter 1: Calgary Laboratory Services
& Health Sciences Association Alberta

Chapter 2: Canadian Pacific Railway
& Teamsters Rail Conference

Chapter 3: Department of National Defence
& Union of National Defence Emplyees

Chapter 4: NorskeCanada & Communication, Energy & Paperworkers

               (For more information, go to:- "Beyond Collision"    Resource Guide  )
or to: "High Integrity Labour Relations" - Workshop


            Organized in four 8-12 minute segments, the video is designed so that each set of labour relations can be studied separately, or the program may be viewed as a whole experience, for multi-purpose use as a teaching or discussion aid.  Also available is print documentation of the interviews and other background to the FOUR CASE STUDIES featured in the video.

            Narration and script are by Allen Ponak, ( Professor of Industrial Relations at the University of Calgary, co-author of the leading university textbook, "Union-Management Relations in Canada", and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators. 

    "Beyond Collision" was directed by Bert Painter, a consulting social scientist and producer of a series of labour relations videos, including "Transforming Labour Relations", also distributed by Modern Times Productions.