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         The  Social Engagement of Social Science
                                            Volume II
The  Socio-Technical Systems Perspective



Eric Trist  and Hugh Murray
Historical  Overview: The Foundation and Development of the Tavistock  Institute

Eric Trist
Introduction to Volume 2

Shaping a New Field


Eric Trist and  Ken Bamforth
The Stress of Isolated Dependence: The Filling Shift  in the Semi-Mechanized Longwall Three-Shift Mining Cycle

Eric  Trist, Gurth Higgin, Hugh Murray and Alec Pollock
Alternative Work  Organizations: An Exact Comparison

A.K. Rice
Productivity  and Social Organization: An Indian Automated Weaving Shed

Eric  J. Miller
The Ahmedabad Experiment Revisited: Work Organization in  an Indian Weaving Shed, 1953-70

Fred  Emery
Characteristics of Socio-Technical  Systems

Conceptual Developments

Fred  Emery
Designing Socio-Technical Systems for Greenfield  Sites

Fred Emery
The Assembly Line: Its Logic and Our  Future
Fred Emery
The Second Design Principle:  Participation and the
Democratization of Work

Fred  Emery
Socio-Technical Foundations for a New Social  Order?

Fred Emery
The Historical Validity of the  Norwegian Industrial Democracy Project

Paul Hill and Fred  Emery
Toward a New Philosophy of Management

David (P.G.)  Herbst
Alternatives to Hierarchies

David (P. G.)  Herbst
Designing with Minimal Critical  Specifications
Louis Davis
The Coming Crisis for  Production Management
Albert Cherns
Principles of  Socio-Technical Design

Eric Trist
Socio-Technical Ideas  at the End of the '70s

Eric Trist
QWL and the  '80s

References for Historical Review

Associated Studies


Gareth  Morgan
Organizational Choice and the New Technology

Lisl  Klein
On the Collaboration Between Social Scientists and  Engineers

Eric J. Miller
Technology, Territory and Time:  The Internal Differentiation of Complex Production  Systems

Strategic Projects


David (P.G.)  Herbst
A Learning Organization in Practice: M/S  Balao
Gerald Susman and Eric Trist
Action Research in an  American Underground Coal Mine

Eric Trist and Charles  Dwyer
The Limits of Laissez-Faire as a Socio-Technical Change  Strategy

Bill Westley and Eric Trist
Socio-Technical  Projects in the Canadian Federal Public Service

Fred Emery and  Einar Thorsrud
The Norskhydro Fertilizer Plant

Trevor A.  Williams
Visual Display Technology, Worker Disablement and Work  Organization

Louis Davis and Stu Sullivan
A New Type of  Labor-Management Contract Involving the Quality of Working  Life

Collaborative Action Research


Fred  Emery
Socio-Technical Unit Operations Analysis

Fred  Emery
The Nine-Step Model

Eric Trist
A  Socio-Technical Critique of Scientific Management
Fred Emery and  Merrelyn Emery
The Participative Design Workshop

Fred  Emery
Legislating for Quality of Work Life

Hugh  Murray
Socio-Technical Action Simulations for Engaging with  Engineering Designers

Eric Trist
Work Improvement and  Organizational Democracy
Calvin Pava
Nonroutine Office  Work

Eric Trist
Pava's Extension of Socio-Technical  Theory to Advanced Information Technologies
David Morley and  Eric Trist
A Brief Introduction to the Emerys' "Search  Conference"


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